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No free lunch: Rising price of wheat flour: trust the market to deliver

  LAHORE:  There is a famous Urdu couplet which translates like this: you go back to the same ‘hakeem’ for medicine, whose very prescription has caused you illness. This self-defeating tendency was featured in the policy prescriptions announced at the policy forum organised by Oxfam GB recently on ‘Food Price Volatility and Policy Options’ in […]

A boy named Arsalan

  When I was in seventh grade, volunteer work was the cool thing to do. All the male athletes and the pretty girls went to a local orphanage on Saturdays to ‘give back’ to those less fortunate. To be honest, it was a chance to socialise outside of school — to see our friends in […]

Waiting for miracles to go beyond January?

  Somewhere in the first week of December 2011, Nawab Aslam Raisani anxiously sought an exclusive meeting with a seasoned politician of national stature. The chief minister of Balochistan wanted to fathom the ongoing flux in our political scene. The two leaders brainstormed for more than two hours envisioning various possibilities. They ended their meeting […]

Rally in Lahore sends alarm bells ringing

Does the PDC event suggest that the security establishment is once again pursuing its narrow interests? Lahore News Sources

Nothing but democracy

  True, democracy in Pakistan is not what democracy is in essence, or what is actually practiced in more developed and mature systems. What we have is an unsettled institutional balance between the military and the civilian government on the one hand and between the political executive and the judiciary, on the other. While we […]

Shafqat issues rejoinder to The News story

LAHORE: The new information secretary of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Shafqat Mahmood issued a rejoinder on Thursday to a report published in The New Lahore News Sources

Reasonable politics, bad economics

  Pakistan once again stands at a crossroads as it struggles to strengthen the participatory system of democracy it reinstated in early 2008. It is also attempting to straighten the economy and ensure that it does not collapse altogether with its various pieces falling into a deep abyss. There is serious social discontent, particularly in […]

Plotting intervention

  Those who know the characters that rule Pakistan at the top in the name of electoral legitimacy might not be surprised by the revelation that Ambassador Husain Haqqani wrote a secret memo to Admiral Mike Mullen in May, seeking his help for the removal of the top military brass in Pakistan. In return, he […]


CM accepts Kh Haris resignation By Our Correspondent LAHORE Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Tuesday accepted the resignation of Punjab Adv The News International – Lahore

Real politics

  Over the last few weeks, my students at Forman Christian College have been very excited about political happenings in Pakistan. So, last week, I asked them who they were going to vote for in the next general elections. Unsurprisingly, a large number of students said that they were supporting Imran Khan. However, all of […]

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