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Those who know the characters that rule Pakistan at the top in the name of electoral legitimacy might not be surprised by the revelation that Ambassador Husain Haqqani wrote a secret memo to Admiral Mike Mullen in May, seeking his help for the removal of the top military brass in Pakistan. In return, he promised, of course on behalf of the Government of Pakistan, to do to what the Americans would want to get done, including the dismantling of “Section S” of the ISI. Why would they not be surprised? Because of the past record in power of a very powerful syndicate that has repeatedly occupied positions of authority in the country under the banner of ‘national political parties’ — it has robbed this helpless society with impunity and has grown much stronger using its financial muscle and international connections. The power cliques and their minions have played every possible trick to grab power, stay in power and use power for personal ends. Never had they any feeling for the people who apparently ‘voted’ for them, or the country that has raised them, given them the social standing, power and prestige that they enjoy, which allows them to move around the country and abroad, mighty and tall.

Sadly, their integrity and commitment to the country, the motherland, has always remained questionable. It reminds me of a phrase uttered by a jittery American that some years back created such uproar here; “Pakistanis would sell their mother to get what they want”. Of course, not all Pakistanis will do that and, rightly, the gentleman was widely condemned and rebutted. But I am not sure about those who have been selling Pakistan’s vital interests to foreign powers and such elements have been associated with all types of regimes — civilian, military and hybrid, and not just the present regime and the character or characters involved in the writing of the memo. In Pakistan, many characters, families, groups and power brokers, from the early days to the present, have compromised the country’s interests to capture or stay in power through foreign support, which has come readily for a price — the surrendering of national interests.

The surfacing of this memo is beyond controversy and beyond plausible deniability, as all the thick covers that Mr Haqqani, the Presidency and the Prime Minster’s Secretariat weaved with care have fallen down like straws. Admiral Mike Mullen couldn’t do Haqqani’s bidding, which the great ambassador of the Islamic Republic expected. What he and others supporting him in Pakistan have done is what habitual thieves caught red-handed have done—told brazen lies with a bold, straight face. Don’t forget, the ruling syndicate falls back on ‘conspiracy’ as its last refuge and defence when it find no argument or facts to counter evidence against it, whether it is with regards to systematic corruption or working for foreign powers.

Admiral Mike Mullen has dropped a daisy-cutter on the heads of the trio — Asif Ali Zardari, Yousaf Raza Gilani and Husain Haqqani — busting all the lies and denials. We must admire the integrity and honourable conduct of the Admiral, which presents a contrasting picture of the integrity of honourable men and women.

What ramifications might the memo have for politics of Pakistan? First of all, the issue cannot be pushed under the rug anymore; it is too public, in the open and, through the media, the talk of the town. It will definitely add to the general unrest and disquiet about the present regime, which survives only through trickery and secret dealings inside and outside.

A storm that Imran Khan’s message of hope has inspired is already brewing at popular level. Will he capture this moment to take the movement to the next step — civil disobedience? That is the only way to save democracy from the ‘democrats’.

Published in The Express Tribune, November 21st, 2011.

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