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Better hygiene could raise risk of Alzheimers

A study by researchers at Cambridge University has found that high-income, highly industrialized countries with large urban areas and better hygiene a The News International – Lahore

Walking may cut stroke risk

Older men may reduce their risk of stroke by taking a daily walk. And that walk doesn t have to be especially brisk, British researchers report. Th The News International – Lahore

Quitting smoking may cut cataract risk

Smokers who kick the habit may reduce their risk of developing the blurred vision problem known as cataracts, new research shows. This common medic The News International – Lahore

Unhealthy cholesterol might raise Alzheimers risk

Keeping “bad” cholesterol in check and increasing “good” cholesterol is not only good for your heart, but also your brain, new research suggests. A The News International – Lahore

Shingles and stroke risk

People who ve had shingles — a viral infection also known as herpes zoster — before age 40 may have a higher risk of stroke years later, a large new s The News International – Lahore

Tooth loss linked to heart disease risk

For adults, losing teeth is bad enough, but tooth loss is also associated with several risk factors for heart disease, a large international study sug The News International – Lahore

Kids exposed to mercury, lead at risk for ADHD

Young children exposed to certain heavy metals are at higher risk for problems with attention and behavior later in life, a new study shows. The st The News International – Lahore

Concussions linked to Alzheimers risk in study

Older adults with memory problems and a history of concussion have more buildup of Alzheimer s disease-associated plaques in the brain than those who The News International – Lahore

Polluted air linked to autism risk

Pregnant women who live in smog-filled areas may be twice as likely to have children with autism, a new study suggests. “The study does not prove t The News International – Lahore

Fiber-rich foods may cut risk of heart disease

Boosting the amount of fiber in your diet may lower your risk for heart disease, a new study finds. “With so much controversy causing many to avoid The News International – Lahore

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