Deal or Seal—-LDA’s Drama

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It was a bright but cold afternoon of December 23. We returned from Juma prayer happily and resumed our routine work in NewsPakistan office, situated at Zahoor Eliahi Road, Gullberg VI, Lahore. As we were busy in producing quality news and opinion-based
contents for our digital media organisation, some savages opened the doors of our rooms and entered. We were frightened all at sudden as it was an unexpected incident. The comers ordered us with rude and wild attitude to go outside immediately. Oh hell! We

However, we left our tables and went out where we came to know that they were some Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Personnel who wanted to seal the building as, reportedly, the property tax was not paid on time.

Our resident Managing Director requested the rouges to let him clarify his position, but they were not ready to hear even a single word. Within ten minutes, they got the entire building vacant and sealed the doors. Now, we were standing on road and trying
to understand the matter which had put most of us in shock for a while.  The MD called the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a Canadian national, and told the issue. The civilised, gentle and educated investor, who had established this company to provide employment
opportunities to a large number of Pakistani youth, was shocked to hear this.

The MD asked us not to go anywhere and wait for at least ten minutes. The LDA men, having done their ‘duty’, flew from the scene. I have skipped one thing. Before sealing the building, they asked the MD to make an under-table deal with them i.e., bribery,
but he refused as he could not do any such thing without prior permission by the owners.

The LDA scoundrels, after putting us in chaos, had gone. We were still there, mourning over the closed doors. After a gap of at least thirty minutes, a person came on motorbike with a key and opened the door. We were again stunned. All of us ran towards
him and asked about the latest development. The guy told her that our company had paid all taxes long ago but the vouchers were lost from LDA archive. Oh fuck! We cried.

At last, after a humiliation of 2 hours, we returned to our seats and started work.

This entire drama, which was created merely to get black money, has badly exposed the inefficiency and mismanagement of the LDA, an institute which is responsible to manage the whole development of the metropolis. It reflects the extreme of corruption we
have in our public organisations. Oh God!

This is the way our civil administrations deal with the entrepreneurs and businessmen who, with their blood and money, contribute to the growth of our economy. Just due to this type of nonsense things and heinous hiccups, overseas investors avoid to invest
in Pakistan. This is the reason we are poor, backward and downtrodden; and we are destined to remain so unless we change this oppressive system.


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